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"The author gives us a front-row seat to watch one of the country's most successful businessmen and his family descend into the abyss of despair at warp-speed. The catastrophic events come fast and often and it is impossible to put the book down. The book provides a credible, but difficult, understanding of the sanctity of one's marriage vows and faith in GOD." - Dennis Hildebrandt

"I met you on Sunday at the Baltimore Book Festival. I stayed up late on Monday night to finish reading the book and am happy to report that I really enjoyed it. (It even made me cry a couple of times!) I liked
The Faithful One better than The Shack...It made me want to go back and read Job again. It was thought-provoking and inspiring, and I will recommend it to the women in my book group at church. I'll certainly be looking forward to your next book!"
Suzanne Steiner

"I read the book and was very much impressed. The Book of Job has always been a good read for me and you put it in a modern setting in The Faithful One. I am recommending it for our church library and to the church book club for reading and review. Keep writing and may God Bless
you." - Skip Albert

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Faithful One. It is quite a page turner and an easy read. The book guided me to examine my own life after finishing it. When I reached the final page I was sad the reading experience was over, but I knew the story and its message would stick with me for some time.I have recommended reading this book to all my friends and family. It has been chosen by our book club to be the next selection of the month." - Roberta J. Karns

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About The Faithful One...

"The Newest Local Must-Read"...The Runaway Prophet will keep you riveted. With another novel that will put you on the edge of your seat, local author Michele Chynoweth delights again... -by Alexandra Karlesses, Delaware Today Magazine

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The Runaway Prophet by Michele Chynoweth is an inspiring story that will entertain and enlighten readers. Michele Chynoweth is a master at creating powerful conflicts and the kind of suspense that makes the read even more gripping. This is a book I’ll recommend to everyone looking for something thrilling and thought-provoking.
5-STAR Review by Christian Sia, Readers Favorite International Book Awards To see full review, click here: Readers Favorite

Michele Chynoweth has done it again! In her newest book, The Runaway Prophet, Michele puts a modern spin on the Old Testament book of Jonah. She has skillfully kept the elements of The Runaway Prophet true to Jonah's story and highlights God's message of obedience, service and forgiveness. Rory Justice, a modern day, Jonah, is called to deliver an urgent message of warning to Las Vegas, a city much like Ninevah, permeated with the worst of what humanity has to offer. As his story unfolds, we are confronted with our own unforgiving natures. In the current times of terrorism and unrest, The Runaway Prophet has important messages for us all. The story is fast paced and exciting from start to finish!
​- Nancy Williams, Lewes Presbyterian Book Club

The book introduces readers to a modern day version of the Bible story of Job, which is often misunderstood because of its time period and wording. The story plot, context, characters, and overall layout of the book itself are all simple and elegant. Readers wanting to gain more knowledge and understanding of the book of Job would do well reading this book. Readers who don't know the Biblical story will find, by reading this book, a story of rags to riches, and vice-versa. The book contains concepts of self-doubt, kindness, Catholic religion, Jewish religion, God, self-doubt, self-pity, anxiety, wealth, poverty and some others. This is a modern-day book filled with riches, mystery, scandal, and miracles.Author Michele Chynoweth writes in a clear and concise way to help readers comprehend the message behind the biblical story. There is not a dull moment throughout this book. It is filled with so many different emotions, leaving a reader angry, sad, joyful, fearful and not wanting to put it down. - 5-STAR REVIEW by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite 

"It often seems that the great characters of the Bible are so far removed from us. We sanitize them and dehumanize them.The Faithful One puts the character of Job into a whole new contemporary light. The story makes his struggles so much more tangible and relatable to today’s audience. Kudos to Michele Chynoweth for helping us  get a better handle on what Job may have  gone through. It certainly makes my struggles seem much smaller!"

- Gus Lloyd, Host of "Seize the Day" on The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM 129 & Author of "Magnetic Christianity" and

"A Minute in the Church"

About The Runaway Prophet ...

"The Peace Maker by Michele Chynoweth is the type of story that many young women have lived in one way or another. Many of us have been like Chessa, caught between the one we love and doing what’s right, but how can you decide what’s right when your heart and your mind are conflicted?"
5-STAR REVIEW by Samantha Rivera for Readers' Favorite

"It has been said that when an author writes a great first book that it is difficult for a second book to be as enjoyable. Many fall short of the first novel. Chynoweth has nothing to worry about. This second novel is as great as the first. The characters are well defined, you'll feel like you know them. The location descriptions are so vivid you'll be seeing the story in your mind while reading it. That's when you know you have a great book in your hand! I can't wait to read her third book.
​- Dottie Randazzo

"I loved the way this author intertwined the characters, the fight between the light and the darkness, weaving in the love and will of God and bringing to His fruition the plans which He had madel the characters seemed so real I could see them in my mind and found myself drawn into the story and rooting for the good guys. - Ruth Grice